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The Flyers Youth Track Club is a running program designed to help kids in the Ames and surrounding communities in grades 2nd - 8th learn the basics of good running form, sprint mechanics and gain general valuable track and field knowledge. Skills, drills and games will be used to improve running form and mechanics, to help each person learn to run faster and more efficiently. Also, by teaching correct running form and mechanics, we hope to prevent injuries commonly associated with the various sports they participate in. In addition to running, the program will build confidence and character as well as provide the opportunity to learn positive goal setting skills. We want to teach kids that running is FUN, no matter how fast/slow you are or what level you want to compete at. Everybody can run faster and longer, and we our goal is to see everyone improve and have fun!
Our program is a 8 week schedule designed to teach sound fundamentals of running/sprinting/jumping and proper mechanics, along with teaching kids the fundamentals of the long jump and high jump if interested. Early lessons focus on types of running, running safety, running etiquette, proper stretching, biomechanics and general overall fitness. Later lessons will add a focus on racing strategies, and goal setting so that each runner feels confident and prepared to compete in a track and field meet if they choose to do so. There are several weekend track and field Meets in the DSM area that the club will participate in for those kids wanting a more competitive experience, but they are not required to compete in any of them. Cost for the meets is normally $10 per person for up to 3 events. I will have a list of those area meets as they become available.



The RECREATIONAL TEAM will start practice on MAY 5 at 6:00pm, and meet every Sunday/Wednesday at the Gilbert High School Track at 6:00pm.  This is for kids who do not plan to run in any meets but want to learn the fundamentals of running, jumping or throwing.


The COMPETITIVE TEAM will start April 28 at 6:00pm at the Gilbert High School track.  The Competitive team will practice on Wednesdays and Sundays at 6:00pm at the Gilbert High School Track .  There will also be some Thursday night and Saturday morning practices as needed during the season.

COST: The Competitive Track Club fee is $150 for the 10 week session.

The Recreational Track Club Fee is $100 for the 8 week session.


**For those Competitive Team Members wanting to compete in the weekend track meets, those will be an additional $5-$10 fee per meet you attend that is paid prior to each meet.

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