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What types of Shoes does my son/daughter need?   

-Normal Running Shoes for practice, do not wear basketball shoes, tennis shoes, boat shoes, etc.  If you are looking to purchase a pair of running shoes, you can visit Fitness Sports in DSM and get 20% if you mention you run for the Ames Flyers Track Club.  Their website is for directions.

Only Competitive Club members will need Racing Spikes, but they are not mandatory.  We will go over this in practice.

How long are the practices?

-Recreational Club practices will always go for one hour.   Competitive Club practices will be one hour the first few weeks, but will increase to one and a half hours as we get to the end of May.

Please be on time to pick up your child, if you will be late please text Coach Carney at 515-203-9557.

What do I need to bring to practice?

-Everyone needs to bring a water bottle to each practice, marked with your name on it.  Also bring a sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt the first month or so until the warmer really sets in.  

-Also be sure you child uses the rest room before they come to practice, as the bathrooms are not always available to us at the track.

How do I know what event or distance my child should be doing?

- In the Recreational Club we will let kids try all of the events and see which they like the best, but also let them know what event area we feel they would excel at the most.  The idea of the Recreational Club is to expose the kids to track and field and all of the opportunities it provides for participation... and then let them find the one they like and want to excel in.

-In the Competitive Club we will put the kids through tough workouts and time trials, and based on those we will choose the event that best fits them and their abilities.

What if my child can not make it to a practice?

-Practices are NOT mandatory, your child can choose which practices works best in their schedule to attend.  You do not need to email or call the coach if they cannot make it to practice.  Like all sports, the more you can be there the better experience you will have.


- Each member will receive a club T-Shirt in May when they arrive.  Parents/supporters/runners can purchase T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, etc. from our website if the wish.. a great way to support the club!

- During track practices we use the whole track and ask that parents who want to walk/jog during practice do so on the infield turf, not on the track.

- In the event we need to cancel practice due to weather, you will be notified via Text, Twitter and Email 30 minutes prior to the start of practice, unless we know for sure the weather will not get better, we'll let you know sooner.  So please check your emails if you think the weather is questionable for practice.

- Please Follow our track team on Twitter @IowaFlyersTrack to updates, team info, pictures, etc.

- You can also follow us on Facebook at Iowa Flyers Track Club.

- I will be sending out weekly emails on Monday mornings to the club, if you wish to have other email address added to the list please email with those other emails.

- If you ever have any questions please email us or catch us before practice.

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