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Ages 6 - 14 year old Boys and Girls

Starts Wednesday September 6th, 2023 at 6:00pm


3050 Northridge Parkway  Ames, IA 50010

Wednesday and Sunday nights from 6:00pm - 7:00pm thru November 1.  We will move the practice time up to 5:30pm in mid October so we are done before dark.

Cost = $120 per child  (includes club t-shirt)



The Ames Youth Running Club is a running program designed to help those kids ages 6 yrs to 14 yrs old learn the basics of running while working to complete a two mile race. Skills, drills and games will be used to improve pace and increase distance/speed. Also, by teaching correct running form and mechanics, we hope to prevent injuries commonly associated with overuse. In addition to running, the program will build confidence and character as well as provide the opportunity to learn positive goal setting skills.

We want to teach kids that running is FUN!

Our program is a 8 week curriculum designed to teach sound fundamentals of running and proper running mechanics. Early lessons focus on types of running, running safety, running etiquette, proper stretching, healthy eating habits, biomechanics, etc. Later lessons will also focus on racing strategies, and goal setting so that each runner feels confident and prepared to complete a cross country race or road race if they choose to compete. There are 3-4 Youth CC Meets in the DSM area that the club will participate in for those kids wanting a more competitive experience, but they are not required to compete in any of the meets.

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